Acharya Mahashraman

Acharya Mahashraman one of those great saints who has not only expounded the philosophy of the soul but has also lived it. He possesses innate treasure of talents, is a subtle visionary, a profound thinker and is very industrious.

His knowledge is pellucid and his administrative reasoning is unparalleled. He is a sterling virtuous soul who is carrying forward the legacy of Indian sainthood through his work where compassion, benevolence and humanity can be visualized and who possesses humility, straight forwardness and penance and knowledge.

Acharya Mahashraman was born in sardarshahar, a town in Rajasthan on 13 may 1962 and was initiated on 5 May 1974, and was ordained as the 11th Acharya of the Jain Terapanth sect after the propounder of the Anuvrat movement Acharya Tulsi and Acharya Mahapragya respectively. Under his able leadership around 800 monks, nun and saman orders are illuming humanity in India and abroad.

Acharya Mahashraman ji is devoted to the upliftment of spirituality, philosophy, tradition and human values and also possesses excellent and divine like oratory skills of human value such as spirituality and morality, compassion and benevolence, peace and amity. He is a writer, a monk, a social reformer and an exponent of non-violence. You have inspired and awakened lakhs of villagers and laymen on the importance of morality, communal harmony, unity and non-violence during the course of Ahimsa Yatra undertaken along with Acharya Mahapragya.
Holding on to the axiom “keep moving, keep moving” he is undertaking a journey on foot to inspire the masses to lead a life imbibed with morality and non-violence. Known for his boundless humility, Acharya Mahashraman ji is working tirelessly on Anuvrat, Pareksha Meditation, science of living, training on non-violence and various other dimensions of human values and helping people lead a peaceful and restrained life in a world plagued with stress, unrest and violence. Acharya Mahashraman ji is an honourable personality of Indian tradition of sainthood who is endowed with poise and soft behaviours, is weary aspirations and is weary of worldly aspirations and is dedicated towards the welfare of the masses.

Highlighted points:-
1 :- Propagation of Harmony
2 :- Escalation of Morality
3 :- Movement towards De-addiction
4 :- Ahimsa Yatra : Route =Acharya Mahashraman commenced the Ahimsa Yatra from Lal Qila, New Delhi, the capital of India on 9th November 2014. This journey is lighting up the flame of humanity in various states of India as wel as abroad. The predetermined regions through which Ahimsa Yatra would transverse are as follows – Nepal, Bhutan, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra etc.
3 Countries, 18 states, 15000 and more kilometres of journey on foot.