Acharya Mahashraman :- His devotees feel immense bliss just by getting his graceful blessings. Bereft of worldly desires, unattached, unperturbed, humble, and loyal, full of spark, soft-spoken, generous, and open minded – are just some of the words that can be used to describe his inner self. His personality is integration of illuminating and forgiving, spiritual and leadership, principle and pragmatic collaboration.

His demeanor full of love attracts everyone instantly, even those meeting him for the first time. Such a rare balanced personality is truly possessed by him. His work and actions reflect his ocean of knowledge, intellectual wisdom, atomic perception and far-reaching insight. Despite being an Acharya of a religious order, his views are liberal and secular. He has a firm conviction to promote nonviolence, moral values and principles. He derives satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment only from diligent work.

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